Interview with The Curious Incident.

  The Curious Incident makes pop/rock music with a Caribbean Twist that’s got the spice of hot-sauce and the nice of Lemonade. Kyle a.k.a Kairo puts so much passion into his performances and his beauty is conspicuous, Diaz has awesome drumming skills, he will make you get up and dance, also I think I saw […]

My Top 10 favorite posts so far.

I have recently completed my 43rd blog post and decided to share my Top 10 favorite blog posts with you all. It’s difficult to choose as I love them all but some of them stand out a little bit more. So here they are;  (In each post I’ve inserted the Category in which you will […]

Interview with The New Divide

The New Divide  I call myself blessed to know these guys. They are charming, funny, beautiful people who makes people’s hearts warm with their love for music and people everywhere they go. I’ve gotten to know Douglas the last (almost) 2 years and I haven’t met a guy who’s love for God shines more, so […]

Shuffle your playlist, what’s your first few songs?

So you decided to stay home on a Friday night, there’s nothing on tv and you grab your headphones… shuffle your Ipod or playlist, what’s the first few songs that you will listen to?  I thought it might be fun to share our music taste. Here goes… My songs…  Jimmy Nevis – Heartboxing.  I always […]

Why we love the 90s.

Grunge… Okay, not everyone remembers the 90s as grunge, but it’s definitely the first thing that pops into my mind and I love it. Apparently 90s fashion is back in style, I don’t know about the music but I bet we all still listen to some music from the 90s every now and then. I […]