My Top 10 favorite posts so far.

I have recently completed my 43rd blog post and decided to share my Top 10 favorite blog posts with you all. It’s difficult to choose as I love them all but some of them stand out a little bit more. So here they are;  (In each post I’ve inserted the Category in which you will […]

What’s in your handbag?

What’s in your handbag?  Us woman always have a ton of stuff in our handbags.  From totally unnecessary things like clothes (which makes it extremely difficult to navigate our way to the important things) to the things that should always be in a lady’s handbag like a cellphone.  In this blog post I want share, […]

How do you know if a guy is interested in you?

How do you really know if a guy is interested in you? Well, in the end it’s best to not assume and ask flat out, but if you are a bit on the shy side or don’t want to come on too strong, there are some tell tale signs.  I did a blog post a […]

What makes you, you?

  We all have habits or quirky things we do that makes us unique, I thought it might be fun to share some weird facts about myself. I might not be alone in some of these, that’s cool too. I sleep with a light and the tv on.   I don’t like sleeping in the […]

How to get over a break up.

How to survive a break up with your dignity in tact. Whether you are a man or a woman we all have experienced the ‘break up’ or the ‘so’ moment. We might just cope with it differently and express our emotions in a different way. Man have I had my share. I actually find it […]

Shuffle your playlist, what’s your first few songs?

So you decided to stay home on a Friday night, there’s nothing on tv and you grab your headphones… shuffle your Ipod or playlist, what’s the first few songs that you will listen to?  I thought it might be fun to share our music taste. Here goes… My songs…  Jimmy Nevis – Heartboxing.  I always […]

Why we love the 90s.

Grunge… Okay, not everyone remembers the 90s as grunge, but it’s definitely the first thing that pops into my mind and I love it. Apparently 90s fashion is back in style, I don’t know about the music but I bet we all still listen to some music from the 90s every now and then. I […]

When you’re considering a long distance relationship.

“Together forever, never apart, sometimes in distance but never in heart.” -Anonomous Aahh the feeling of falling in love, the whimsical feeling, we all know it! You never want to be apart from the person, you want to spend all the time you have with him/her, well atleast in the beginning when you just start […]