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Hi there Dirty Hippie followers or newbies.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my blog. I hope my posts inspires you and captivates you.

I blog about subjects that we all can relate to, like having a bad day, not getting that love interest, wanting to see things in a new light etc. I want you to take the journey with me. Some posts will consist of personal experience (almost like a glimpse into my dairy).

If I can help someone in any way or make someone happy I’ve done what I intended to do, also there will be competitions running on my site now and then, enter them if you’d like.


You are free to comment and share my posts. I made it easy with social share buttons at the end of each blog post and to comment you can just scroll down the blog post and then you will find a comment section. Please tell me what it is that interests you most!

I hope you will love following my blog posts.

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