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The Curious Incident makes pop/rock music with a Caribbean Twist that’s got the spice of hot-sauce and the nice of Lemonade. Kyle a.k.a Kairo puts so much passion into his performances and his beauty is conspicuous, Diaz has awesome drumming skills, he will make you get up and dance, also I think I saw him wearing a bow-tie once, real dapper. 


The Curious Incident consist of Kyle Verhagen Roberts (Kairo) & Diaz Diego Tanurrezal, but they also have friends join in now and then. 


☆ How long have you guys been making music?


The latest version of the band is about 3 years old and we are now predominately a duo with occasional help from our friends.


☆ Do you write your own songs? Do you often come up with new songs in the shower?


Haha yeah we do and I do often come up with melodies in the shower, or frequently on the way to the tube in London.


☆ Do you find yourself often changing song lyrics during live sets?


Not on purpose but on occasionally it’s a necessity if I happen to have forgotten the actual lyrics. I have a tendency to mix up the verses in some of the songs which then totally throws me.


☆ Who are your musical influences?


We’re big fans of dancehall and Afro-pop rhythms but listen to a wide range of music and lot’s of upcoming artists to see where they are coming from musically.


☆ How do you handle mistakes during a performance and do you still get nervous performing?


Best bet is to carry on and not acknowledge the mistake. If it’s glaringly obvious then the only way to deal with it is a well-timed joke. Every new experience brings with it some nervousness. It’s all the good kind of excitement though.


☆ How would you define the word success?


Being able to support ourselves doing what we love to do. Having people sing our songs with us is a treat too.


☆ Weirdest gig?


Impromptu acoustic gig at a hard rock biker bar because the power got cut. It was beautiful.


☆ As a band what do each bring to the table? Example positive attributes?


I bring the beauty and Diaz brings the beats.


☆ When things get tough how do you all manage to pick yourselves up?


Music is the best mood-changer. So when things aren’t going our way we tend to work through it by playing more.


☆ If you could go back before TCI were formed, would you still do it all over again?


Absolutely. But I’d avoid some of the pitfalls.


☆ What’s your biggest pet peeve as a band or individualy?


Slap chips.


☆ Can you give some tips to bands who also want make it in the music industry?


It’s a cliche but it’s crucial to keep on keeping on. No one is great the first time they try something.


☆ What’s TCI’s long term goals?


Make a living doing what we love. Pushing hard to have a single chart within the next year.


☆ Are there anything you would like to share? Upcoming shows, tours, a new album etc?


Busy finishing up some music which will culminate in an EP early next year. We’re currently on tour in Holland and just played a festival on a hill in Luxembourg. Follow us on our socials to be part of the ride!


If you want to check out The Curious Incident’s social media and see what all the fuss is about, here are some links; ( Click on the Spotify and YouTube links to go to the website) 




Instagram @the_curiousincident

Twitter – @curiousincident

Facebook – The Curious Incident

Soundcloud –


Upcoming shows;


13-09 – Café de Koe, Amsterdam, NL (Teaser)

14-09 – Café de Bieb, Den Haag, NL, (Teaser)

14-09 – Winkelwagen show Radio Interview and performance, Rotterdam, NL

15-09 – Zuidwest FM Radio Interview

17-09 – AFM Radio Interview and performance, Werkendam, NL

18-09 – RouletteFM Interview and performance, Utrecht, NL

19-09 – Bang and Olufsen private event, London

23-09 – Beats on a Boat, Amsterdam, NL

Check them out and go to a gig or two, they will entertain you!

Much love XO

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