What’s in your handbag?

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What’s in your handbag? 

Us woman always have a ton of stuff in our handbags.  From totally unnecessary things like clothes (which makes it extremely difficult to navigate our way to the important things) to the things that should always be in a lady’s handbag like a cellphone. 

In this blog post I want share, for the fun of it, some of my favourite, unnecessary and very important things I have in my handbag. *Men if you decided to read this, don’t worry, it’s not going to get that personal*.

Here are some of the things I have in my bag. 

Perfume. (Important)

A woman always have to smell great, you never know who you may run into during the day. I don’t think there is someone out there that wants to smell sweaty during the day. You can always put sanitary wipes in your bag too!

Tissues. (Important)

No, not for the tears when a guy makes you cry! Okay, well maybe, but hopefully you won’t need it for that. Make up usually starts running during the day and to have tissues is great for that, wet them a bit with some fresh water and you can wipe your face and start fresh. Also, tissues is great for when you accidently mess something on your blouse or your hands.


Charger. (Important)

As a woman you never want to sit with a phone that’s not fully charged and recharged with money. I carry a small charger with me that you can plug into a laptop. A power bank is a great idea too, I’m planning on purchasing one soon. Always have money on your phone so you can phone someone if need be.

Cream. (Important)

Hands get dirty and if you are like me, washing them regularly is important. If you don’t put some hand cream on right after believe you me your hands will start getting dry. Always moisturize after washing. I’ve also used hand cream as a gel before. Keeps your hair from getting frizzy during the day, just wash in the evening before you walk around with oily hair. (Just to be used as a quick fix)

Medicine. (Not necessary, but great help when you suddenly start feeling ill)

I always have anti nausea pills and headache pills with me. These are probably the two things that might happen out of the blue and you need something to feel better as fast as possible. I always have bandages in my bag as well.

Anti bacterial handwash. (Not necessary but always helps)

I hate it when my hands are dirty. So I make sure I’ve got some handwash on the go. Use this with the tissues and you are ready to go. It’s also great for if you spill something in your car. Love it.

Make up bag. (Important if you are a girly girl)

Okay, so I have to admit I rarely put some new make up on during the day and I usually go without, but it’s always great to have in your bag. Maybe you quickly have to rush somewhere and you need to put some on so you don’t look all pale, then you will be happy there is a bag of goodies in your handbag. Don’t pack too much, lipstick can be used as blusher, eyeshadow can be used as lipstick, lipliner can sometimes be used as eyeliner, you get the drift.


Pens. (Important)

We all know the feeling of having to quickly write something down and there you are with no pen. I have two in my bag.  No fuss when you need to sign something or write a number down. And no nasty pens other people have used.

Pepper spray. (Important)

I purchased some a while ago. Put it in your fron pocket somewhere or where you have easy access. That’s why it’s so important to have your handbag sorted so you don’t have to struggle to find things. A woman must always protect herself. With pepper spray you will feel a bit safer.

Glasses. (Important if you have some vision problems)

if you struggle to see at night or during the day please always have your glasses handy. A pair of sunglasses too. I never go anywhere without my prescription glasses and sunglasses. Sunglasses are cheap and will help a lot.

Cellphone. (Important)

It’s best to always have your mobile phone with you. As stated above, charged and recharged. It’s also great for if you quickly need a calculator or if you are bored and want to play some games.


Cellular pouch. (Totally unnecessary)

So this is something I have in my bag but rarely use. My cellphone alreasy has a cover. It’s just for extra protection in my bag. I usually just put my cellphone in my bag and off I go. Might need to start using it more.

Chips or crisps or cookies.(Totally unnecessary)

I get hungry during the day and when I want to snack I want to snack, you will always find some type of sweet or mint or something edible in my bag. I usually always carry Cola with me too or bottled water. It keeps my energy up.

Books. (Can be important)

I have previously had books in my handbag or a note pad. A note pad takes less space. Again, it’s great for when you have to remember something (you can also put notes on your phone these days, so…) if you get bored or whatever you can do with paper.

Change. (Important)

It’s a good idea to always have change with you, in your hand bag or your car. I help people out where I can and it’s also good for when you don’t want to break some paper. Keep them in a safe place in your bag.

Hair bands or clips. (Not that necessary)

Not that important, but if you decided to wear your hair down in the morning and you start feeling hot during the day, it’s always great to have a hair band or some hair clips with you. Do not put the hair band over your wrist (I never knew this but apprently it’s true) it contains loads of bacteria and can give you a nasty infection. Hair clips can also hold those pages together or be a marker for your books.


So this is what’s in my bag. I hope I gave you all some ideas that might help you out or get rid of some unnecessary stuff that just takes up space. Most important thing, make sure your hand bag is always closed and hold it close to you. 

I would like to hear what you have in your bag. Please do tell. Feel free to comment.


Much love.

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