Anxiety and why I chose to embrace it.


Having to cope with anxiety is not the easiest thing to master. In all honesty, my anxiety might drain me sometimes but I guess the way I choose to see things make me sometimes see it as a good thing, however ‘crazy’ that might sound. 

I did a few blog posts on mental health issues about 2 months ago. (See Categories – Life) Since then I have seen numerous posts on Social Media platforms regarding Anxiety Disorders. I decided to do another post, sort of like a follow up, but a bit more personal. 

The way I see it in life you can sit back and let the anxiety overwhelm you or you can accept it as a part of you and try to make the best of a very difficult situation. There are many ways to cope. 

I’ve always been an anxious person. I would get the most weirdest, random thoughts in my mind that would give me extreme anxiety or would make me feel very uncomfortable for a few days. I didn’t really share it with anyonein the beginning, I was too afraid. 

It has been with me since a was about 7 years old. There was really no spesific reason for it. It just was a part of me, people are always quick to say that you should just get over it or ‘relax’. I can’t just relax, it takes days. 

I am not broken, I am not damaged goods, I am just me. This is all I know. Some days are great, others are not so great. Some people would say that you want attention, believe me I don’t want anyone’s pity, I am stronger than you think. 

It became worse when my Pure ocd started. Pure ocd is a part of the anxiety disorders spectrum, meaning it’s an anxiety disorder. 

Having extreme anxiety feels like when you see a tornado coming towards you and you can’t get away. You can just stand there, paralized with fear. You can’t breathe, you feel like crying… but there is no tornado, or anyhing else that gives reason for you to feel that way. You can’t really explain it to someone if they haven’t experienced it themselves. 

But, this isn’t a post on how overwhelming it can be to have this problem, more about how it can also sometimes keep you safe or sometimes makes you see things differently in a good way. It’s your choice how you choose to see things in the end. 

Be positive! You can manage anxiety. Remind yourself it’s just a thought or a feeling that will pass. Take a deep breath, centre yourself, touch something cold or splash some water on your face. Focus on your outside surroundings, smell the air, count to ten. Don’t run, face it. 

I guess in some ways some of my fears has actually kept me safe. Because I have emetophobia I do not drink alcohol at all, which is a good thing. I don’t like alcohol anyway. Because I have a small amount of agoraphobia, I started learning to keep myself busy instead of relying on other people to keep me busy. 

Some fears are totally irrational, like my lyssophobia, others might actually protect you in a sense. Just learn how to deal with them in a positive manner and then they won’t get you down. 

Philophobia is totally unneccesary, infact I think if there’s a guy who can try and love me for who I am and who doesn’t rush me and give me the freedom I need, but still pushes me to get over my fears, I will probably feel less anxious about falling in love and a lot of my other fears will feel less hard to cope with. 

In the end you need to have a strong support structure in your life, a family member or a friend, but they shouldn’t help you run away, however difficult it might be if they face it with you, it will get better.

Try to see what you can learn about yourself along the way, what positive you can take from it. For me personally I try to see the good, like Pure ocd, it is a mental illness but in the same sense I need it, to feel normal because without it I would feel like I might lose control. 

If I don’t feel anxious it makes me anxious. I’ve became immune to it in a sense, I’m used to it. Although it feels terrible, I just accept it and let it pass on it’s own. 

You don’t have to let anxiety get you down. Get some coping strategies (CBT) and try your best to overcome it. On days that you struggle, try and make peace with it and let it run it’s course, think positive thoughts and face whatever you fear or feel anxious about. 

I could either sit down and feel sorry for myself or I could embrace my uniqueness and live with it without feeling down. I chose to embrace it. I hope anyone struggling with this disorder will fight and not run away. Life is amazing and meant to be lived with peace in your heart, live it well, love yourself and love life.

If you have a problem with anxiety please comment and tell me how you choose to deal with it. Remember I am not a registered mental health professional, but I do struggle with this disorder and I fully understand what it feels like.

Much love.


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