How do you know if a guy is interested in you?


How do you really know if a guy is interested in you? Well, in the end it’s best to not assume and ask flat out, but if you are a bit on the shy side or don’t want to come on too strong, there are some tell tale signs. 

I did a blog post a while ago titled ‘He’s just not that into you’. (Categories – Relationships)

I thought this time it might be fun to give some pointers on how to know when a guy likes you. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if someone likes you, men don’t usually hide it as well as woman do, (we have to be calm and collected otherwise we will be labeled as too desperate) I guess because they are the ones who persue, but we can still get confused because every guy is different.

It’s easy to get confused when the guy doesn’t actually know what he wants and then there’s the guy’s who play games. So how do you know if the guy is sincere and really interested?

Here are a few things that might show that he is interested:

  • Body language.

If you get together in a social setting does he stand close to you? Hug you? Kiss you on the cheek to after saying hello? Does he take every opportunity he has to stand close to you?

A guy who is interested will almost always be around you. Not in a stalker way, that’s just weird! He will want to stand close to you. Does he look preoccupied with something else every time you all get together? A guy who is interested will give you his undevided attention.

  • Eye contact.

Does he look into your eyes when you speak to him or does he look away? Eye contact is important. It shows his interest in your conversation and in you. Plus if he likes you he will want to see those beautiful eyes of yours.  

  • Touching.

When you spend time together does he ‘accidently’ bump softly into you? Does he use excuses to touch your hand? The old “I think my hands are bigger than yours, let’s see” excuse, and then he puts his hand against yours. 

Does he like to give you hugs? The ones that lasts a bit longer than the normal friendship ones.

  • Does he even want to spend time with you? 

A guy who likes you will want to spend as much time as he can with you. He will phone you or text you to make arrangements to get together. If he call you is it always to just hang out with him and a couple of friends? 

If his friends are always with you guys, then it might be he only sees you as a friend… atleast for now. If he now and then wants to just relax with you, that’s good!

  • He texts or calls just to find out how your day was. 

A guy who is interested will call or text you every now and then. He wants to know what’s going on in your life. If he does this it’s a good sign. But, look out for they ‘Hey buddy’ texts.

If he uses your name (no pet names) and he texts you first and back after every reply it’s great. A guy who isn’t interested will blatently ignore you or will just let the conversation fade out in the hopes that you get the message. If you send a text and he doesn’t reply for two days or so, you obviously aren’t on his list of priorities.

If a guy takes the time to text you back while he is busy with something, it might also be a clear indication he is keen.

  • He does things to get your attention. 

Does he do small things to get your attention? Like picking you a flower before he comes over, even if it’s just one.

Does he take your hair out of your face when he talks to you? Look out for subtle signs. Any cute thing that you would think a guy doesn’t really do for just a friend.

  • When his friends are around. 

Say you are out with him and his friends, does he make fun of you a bit, but quickly let it go? Guys who like a girl might joke around with her. Does he pay more attention to his friends? Does his friends joke around and tell you that he talks about you?

You sometimes get that a friend will tell you if the guy likes you, but that’s not always the case. If a guy’s behaviour towards you change in a bad way when he is with his friends then it’s best to let it go. You don’t want someone whom you are only good enough for in private.

  • Compliments. 

Guys like giving compliments to a girl they are into.  If you run into a guy you like during a day that you may look terrible and he still gives you a compliment then he might seriously like you. 



  • He is mindful of your interest. 

Whether you meet in person or talk over the phone he most likely will bring up something that he knows you are interested in, like your hobbies and what you like doing in your spare time.

Basically he will ask you a lot of questions about yourself and what you like. A guy who might not be interested will only talk about himself and give short answers when asked something.

These are the most obvious signs to recognize if a guy has his eyes on you, but obviously people differ and some guys might even be shy and find other ways to get your attention. 

Much love. X

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