What makes you, you?



We all have habits or quirky things we do that makes us unique, I thought it might be fun to share some weird facts about myself. I might not be alone in some of these, that’s cool too.

I sleep with a light and the tv on.


I don’t like sleeping in the dark, at all. I do not like the fact that when I open my eyes during the night I won’t be able to see what’s infront of me. I sleep with the tv on because I always slept with the radio on, guess I never outgrew that. If I hear every little crack or whatever I immediatly jump up to go check it out. I need sleep, so tv on!


I can’t burp. 


Tried a few times. I just can’t get it right. So sometimes I will be in pain for a while because I can’t burp. I will occasionally drink a soda too quickly and a burp comes out, but I can’t do it myself like other people who make themselves burp. Anyway not a great thing to do.


I am ambidextrious


I haven’t been tested or anything. I never even knew the of such a word or that someone can use both hands equally well. I played pool with a friend and he noticed it. I then tested it myself and realized I am pretty good at writing with my left hand too. I am sure that makes me a bit ambidextrious.


I dislike bats… alot.


They look cute, but that’s about it. I have a phobia for bats, they are fast, they walk all weird and they carry dangerous diseases. I love all animals, but I choose to stay away from these ones. I close all my windows when it gets dark, I leave no space for any of these critters to get in my apartment. Yakee…


I eat my apples with peanut butter… yum!


My first reaction when someone offered me an apple with peanut butter was, “no way”. I took a bie and it was so delicious. Try it!


I sing oldies from the 80’s and 90’s to my dog.


Sometimes when my dog ( Albie ) is lying on my pillow looking all sad (which he probablt isn’t) I break out in song. I also change the words and throw his name in somewhere. He doesn’t really find it amusing but I feel better. 🙂


Most of the time I don’t know anything about my entire life and I have no problem with it. 

Entire life

I bet we all feel this way sometimes. People whom you just met always have a tendency to ask your name first and then your occupation. I am not my occupation! I am a blogger yes, but just for fun next time someone asks me what I do for a living I’m going to say I’m breathing. Give people a break.


I don’t like sleeping over at other people’s homes. 


I loved sleepovers when I was younger. I had so many, I don’t think a weekend went by without having one. Now that I’m older I much more prefer to spend time at home where everything doesn’t feel our of place. I will maybe stay over at someone’s home for one night, but it’s going to take some begging!


I spend around 2 hours a day or more just cleaning my home. 


I cannot rest without cleaning. I wake up and I clean. I clean before I go to sleep. The cleaner my apartment is the better. I can give you all some cleaning tips! It’s my ocd that goes haywire, also the reason why I don’t stay over at other people’s houses… I have to clean haha.

There’s many more I didn’t mention here but that’s all I can think of right now. Please share with me the things that makes you a bit different and unique. I’d like to hear it. 

Much love. X

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