Shuffle your playlist, what’s your first few songs?


So you decided to stay home on a Friday night, there’s nothing on tv and you grab your headphones… shuffle your Ipod or playlist, what’s the first few songs that you will listen to? 

I thought it might be fun to share our music taste. Here goes…

My songs… 


Jimmy Nevis – Heartboxing. 

I always loved this song and the music video is amazing. We all know the feeling of two hearts fighting for each other but yet pulling apart. Jimmy Nevis is an incredibly talented South African recording artist. He also has another catchy tune which is also on my playlist, ‘balloon’.


My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words. 

As if Gerard Way wasn’t gorgeous enough, his voice is so addictive, he puts so much energy into his music. I recently started listening to one of their old’ish cd’s ‘Black Parade’ again and this song has so much heart. What I love about it is the words “I am not afraid to walk this world alone”. No one needs to stay with someone if they are unhappy! You can do life on your own


Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Guardian Angel. 

This has always been a favourite of mine. You can hear the passion in their music, I think even if you’re not someone who listens to their music you might still like this song. Who doesn’t want a guy or girl whom they feel safe with? I also love ‘Face Down’, I hope for people who have been abused the song ‘Face Down’ gave them the courage to walk away from that heartache and said ‘I finally had enough’.


Run DMCTime is Tricky.

I remember when I was still very young a song came out and I searched for it for a very long time… turns out it was Run DMC’s – It’s like that. Such an old song. This song ‘Time is Tricky’ has played in so many movies and it always makes me happy, such a groovy song to dance to.


Smashing Pumpkins – 1979 

Such an oldie but still love it. This guy’s voice is unbelievable. The intro to the song is done so well, plus I have a thing for music that’s about years gone by. I’ve listened to this song so much. All I can so is total ear worm material. 


Tracy Chapman – Fast Car. 

I personally have never heard someone tell me they don’t like this song. Also an oldie but an amazing song. I bet we can all relate to struggle and hustle and throw love in the mix and you’ve got this beautiful song. It’s so relaxing aswell. 


These are a few of my first songs that come up when I shuffle my playlist. I always love hearing from you guys so tell me what’s yours? 

Much love.

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