Why we love the 90s.


Grunge… Okay, not everyone remembers the 90s as grunge, but it’s definitely the first thing that pops into my mind and I love it. Apparently 90s fashion is back in style, I don’t know about the music but I bet we all still listen to some music from the 90s every now and then. I just recently started listening to Smashing Pumpkins’ – 1979 again. Great memories!

If you are a 90s lover then stick with me… I’m going to give you some links you can follow on 90s fashion and music.

90s Fashion. 

If you always loved to rock 90s grunge fashion then you will love this. This is my Top 4 favourite 90s items.


The Leather jacket – always been in style. Paired with a slouchy t-shirt and a pair of jeans or a mini skirt and leggings.


The Denim jacket – We all own one or atleast owned one in the past. They are super versatile. Paired with black tights or coloured if you are up for it and doc martins baby.


Doc Martins – The masterpiece of the 90s. I still remember the pair I owned in the 90s. I wore it everywhere. It was so comfy. Slip them on and that’s it.


Crop Tops – crop tops coupled with thigh high jeans. Still wear these. It’s so girly and can look really cute if you don’t cut the top up to where you’re tata’s end. 

Here are some links you can follow to check out some more fashion from the 90s. 

I love the 90s fashion. Flannel I still wear today aswell as combat boots and I love wearing the RED lips. 

But fashiom wasn’t the only thing that were great about the 90s. Let’s check out the music.

90s Music.

If you still enjoy the occasional 90s tune then this one is for you. There were so many great bands that came out in the 90s. I still have some of my favourites cd’s.

Here’s my favourite Top 4.


Nirvana – I mean who doesn’t know Nirvanda. Kurt Cobain was such a sensitive soul and made beautiful music. I think the most grunge song for me was Teen Spirit. 

Oasis – I cannot get enough of their music still today. My favourite track must be ‘Lyla’. Think that’s a more recent track but it doesn’t matter. Hey Lyla!


Offspring – I want you bad bad bad bad bad. I love them. It brings back so many memories just writing this. Depspite the fact that I don’t know if they still make music… okay, I’m going to have to find out… they are still in my top 3.


Soundgarden – 3 words – Black Hole Sun. You know when you love a song and you listen to it over and over again until you’re sick of it. Yeah, that was me!

Here are some links you can follow if you want to remember the names or check out some of the top grunge music from the 90s.

I hope you enjoy’d going down memory lane with me. I know it’s 2016 but I think it’s always fun to take something from the past and bring it into the future, like wearing still wearing doc martins or listening to the old cd’s of your favourite bands from ‘ages’ ago.

Enjoy the links. 🙂

Much love.





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