Making a difference.

Image source (Rumi)

We live in 2 realities. We each live in our own reality, our own personal experiences etc and then there’s the external reality.(Universal reality)

We all wake up in the morning and go to work or the gym or wherever. We get busy during the day and go back home after work and do cooking etc before eventually climbing in bed and then it’s repeat after a few hours.

Everyone gets so busy with their own lives, do we ever give enough attention to the outside world? It has become a norm to only pay attention to our own lives, our own dreams, ambitions and problems. We hurry and hustle every day. Ofcourse we have to, we need to make money and have things we want to accomplish.

All sorts of trivial things might take over our lives. I think the best way we can contribute to society is to help others instead of helping just ourselves. If we are in a position to help someone in any way then it’s best we try, right?

It’s always great to help someone who might need some money, some food, blankets etc. It makes you feel all fuzzy and personally I think that’s what we’re really here for. I once saw a guy at a local shop who made his own guitar out of a old rusty oil tin and string. He was so happy playing his DIY guitar. I went home and wondered whether I should offer him one of my guitars.

A few days later I went back with the guitar and handed it over to him. He had this huge smile, he looked shocked. I told him I think he might get more out of this guitar. He said ‘thank you’ and that he had to decline as there’s a chance someone might steal the guitar while he’s on the road.

The outcome doesn’t matter. The expression on his face said everything. I didn’t do it for myself and that’s what it’s about. We can all give a little something to make someone else’s life better.

Why do we not grant someone else some happiness? I’ve heard people say that the person struggling on the streets should go and find a job, maybe that person can’t get a decent job for multiple reasons. Okay, so instead of giving him money why not offer him a job that he might actually be good at and capable of doing or offer him some food or old clothes.

Success can only be success if you contributed not only to a job or you’re own career, but if you contributed to someone else’s success and made a difference to someone else’s life.

Giving hope and actually listening to someone instead of just hearing them can make a difference. There will ofcourse be people that will never be satisfied with what you have to offer. A family member and I once had an idea of helping out some people who were struggling with food.

We bought the food at a local grocer and put it in seperate packages so that everyone would get an equal amount. Arriving at the home we gave each person a packet fulled with vegetables, meat, rice, cookies and sweets. While still handing it out the people were fighting over the amount of food. We felt awful. We tried.

In the end you can only give so much. Trying is better than not doing anything. We didn’t let it stop us. Not all people are ungrateful. I emplore you to get involved with a charity, listen to that friend who might want to talk to you about something important, sometimes kind words can be enough. We’re all different but in some ways the same. Helping out some furry friends at a local SPCA can make a huge difference in your and the furry foot’s life.

Inspire someone to reach for their goals. Help someone achieve their goals. We shouldn’t get so caught up in our own reality that we don’t see the needs of others.

Much love.






  1. This one resonates with me, I think some people dismiss those in need because they helped someone and maybe it turned out bad, or didn’t take, or maybe they didn’t feel appreciation for their efforts (even though that shouldn’t matter) They adapt a frame of mind which supports whatever they want to say “It wouldn’t matter even if I did anything” Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Normally we may never see the difference we want to make in the world, but if we stop trying then we will definitely not make any difference. “Be the difference you ant to see in the world” 🙂

    1. What you are saying is so true. People tend to give up helping others because most have the idea that they will get something for it in return, but life doesn’t always work that way.We shouldn’t do things for people to gain something out of it, we should do it because we want to. Thanks for the comment Jon, I appreciate it.

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