Music during the seasons of life.


Music during the seasons of life. What do you listen to depending on you’re mood etc? 

It’s amazing how when you look back on life, there was always some song or album who might have made you feel beter when you felt sad. Music can stir up all sorts of emotions. What about the difference in music taste over the years. 

I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, the Foreigners etc with the occasional pop album thrown in, can someone say Eurythmics. I can still remember listening to Roxette on a road trip down to the Cape. Repeating songs over and over until everyone in the car is sick of it.

Then you get a bit older, you’re music taste start to change, around the age of 13 I disovered Mtv. That’s when I started listening to everything from The Cardigans to Britney Spears, Samantha Mumba, Garbage. I think that’s right about the time Westlife and Boyzone also came out, nice music. I also had the most fun with Savage Garden. I still love their music, ‘I want you’ was my favourite. It’s a time where you and your friends just relax infront of the tv, have sleepovers and do some karaoke.

Then came the time where I fell inlove with Blink 182. I think I had all their cd’s. I just came from school, closed my door and listened to them for hours. I also loved listening to Avril Lavigne. Offspring was amazing and I knew almost all the lyrics, those were the days where I knew in my heart I’ll always be a rock lover. It’s just the talent and the guitar playing that got me all wrapped up in it.

Them came ‘rave’, which I enjoy’d I have to admit, some music I could dance to, and it just made you happy. You get all dressed up and go out with some friends for the night and just dance. It didn’t last long.

When I lost some interest in dancing and got a bit older I became ’emo’. The clothing, the hair, the music you name it. I became friends with amazingly talented musicians and would go to gigs and hang out with them while they practice. I started listening to Placebo, My Chemical Romance, Greenday, Blue October, Paramore, and other bands I can’t even remember.

I fell inlove with Lifehouse when their first song ‘Hanging by a moment’ came out and to this day I listen to them all the time. They just have this boy next door feel which I loved.

Music has always been a big part of my life. I believe music will always help you feel, cry, make you happy, make you relate. In every season of life there must be some song you can remember that carried you. It’s like it takes you to a different place for a while where you feel everything will be okay, when I need that I listen to Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast car’.

Maybe you need to get rid of some anger, especially when you’re younger. Put on a song you feel will make you cope and be happy. Listen to some classical music. I love a classic or two. Maybe some Beach Boys ‘Good vibrations’. I love the nostalgia oldies bring, music from the 60’s to the 80’s. I might have only been born in the 80’s. But I listened to those songs growing up.

A good idea might be to make a cd or put all those awesome old songs you always enjoy’d on a flash drive (don’t be a pirate) and give it a listen again. It’s amazing what old memories come up. Visiting my parents house always calls for oldies and those cd’s that have dust on their cases.

Tell me what you’re favourite music was growing up and what awesome memories it brings up.






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