What’s with “Everything happens for a reason”?


Why do people always say “Everything happens for a reason”? 

It’s the one line people always use to justify bad or good stuff that might happen to them. I’ve heard it so many times and I’ve also used the phrase and believed it without questioning it.

As I became older and my love for physics and philosophy grew I started thinking about this phrase. Usually in science you have an interest in one thing and then eventually you end up exploring so many other things.

Okay, so you got you’re heart broken or something significant happened in you’re life and someone tells you either “I told you this would happen” or everything happens for a reason.

Next time someone tells you that then just say, not at an atomic level. 😉 Reality and the way we perceive it is so different than what happens at a quantum level where quantum flactuations changes due to the amount of energy in a piont in space. You see there might be some truth in saying that everything happens for a reason but how do you even know when it’s true?

At a quantum level atoms behave the way they want to which is very different that what happens in reality, at the level we experience things we deal with cause and affect. That’s where Einstein had a problem with Neil Bohr. Einstein said, and I quote “God does not play dice with the universe” and Neil (from what I’ve read) replied “Don’t tell God what to do with His dice”. Neil Bohr was more of a coincidence and probability guy. 🙂

We can’t comprehend God’s thoughts, neither should we assume that we know all. Who are we to think we know everything. We generally don’t know that much.

I personally believe there’s few things that happen for a reason and it frustrates me when people say that at any given time when the occasion calls for it.

There’s 3 things I believe in:


Sometimes things just happen. We tend to always look deeper into things to see meaning in stuff that happens so that we don’t feel bad about it. I’m not at all discrediting cause and affect here, maybe there’s room for both but coincidence definitly has a place in our daily lives.


How great would it be if we could all just do what we want and not take responsibility for ourselves? I mean it’s easy to say you’re boyfriend left you and everything will be okay because it happened for a reason. Okay, maybe he left you because he’s just not happy anymore or you cheated on him and now you get all deep and try to see other reasons where there is none.

You didn’t get the job. You felt bad about it, you’re friend comes to you and tries to console you with those words to make you feel better. Truth is you might have just not prepared for the interview or they might just be looking for someone specific and you’re not it. Instead of saying those words, remember sometimes it’s as easy as just taking responsibility for you’re own decisions, good or bad.

Divine Intervention

Some scientists believe that all human beings are born and it’s inherently in us to believe in fate/God or somethings bigger than ourselves. I believe in God and I believe that He will intervene when He sees fit. God didn’t make us puppets. He gave us everything we need to live life the best way possible and enough knowledge to make choices of our own. If you’re going down the wrong path He will let something happen to guide you back, you just need to see it and be open to it when it happens. Don’t blame God for the bad choices you made, the bad things that happened to you in life. You might have been predispositioned to experience a certain something but turn things around and take responsibilty for how you choose to react to things. 

I’d like to hear some other perspectives on this post 🙂 this is my perspective and it’s mostly theory.

Much love 💜






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