Supporting someone you love.



This might be an obvious statement but the older you get the more responsibily you have towards yourself and other people.

This might not always be in a work situation or to remember to buy milk and bread. What if someone approaches you that’s having a bad day or just needs someone to talk to?

It’s important to always be respectful and to listen instead of just hearing what the other person is saying. Emphathize with the person and learn that the person trusts you enough to open up to you. It’s always great to be able to make a difference in one person’s life.

But is it a good thing to then make it you’re responsibility to always make sure that person is happy? It’s a heavy burden to carry of you’re having you’re own daily problems that makes you feel a bit yakee too.

How much should we in general give of ourselves to other people? You can’t always be the happy one who supports, but you can always rather try to put you’re own issues aside first, and that’s difficult. I guess we can be a bit self centered when it comes to helping out.

We all need that person to talk to every now and then. I tend to suck it up and not talk to anyone. I free myself from social media (which is now more difficult as I have to do my blog posts) 🙂 turn off my mobile and watch comedies.

I think it’s important to be able to work through you’re own problems aswell, afterall even when you give someone advice they may not always take it, and then you’re like ‘why did I even waste my time?’

Be strong, empower yourself, learn to be alone, not lonely, alone, and enjoy it. We can all help, but in the end we have to work through our issues by ourselves. Support just makes it easier.

Feel sad, call a buddy, cry, and then move on. Listen to people’s problems but don’t make it you’re own.

Be free.


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