Why musicians are so attractive!

“The musician effect”


If you are friends with musicians like I am, you will almost definitly have encountered the swooning girls, the ones who fight for attention from the gorgeous lead singer or the amazing bassist.

Everyone standing in the crowd enjoy’s the music and the girls look like they are going into a semi trance like state of adoration.

I can remember my parents having vinyl from bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd. Family came over and there would just be music playing all night. That’s where my whimsical feelings for musicians and music came from.

If a guy doesn’t know who Led Zeppelin is, then we don’t have much to say to each other. My music taste has changed many times over the years, from alternative to punk rock to dance, but there’s just this thing about a musician. It’s like the music automatically draws people closer.

I think it’s a combination of talent, witt, the unnattainable and expression of emotion. It’s like they share a piece of their soul and you want to be a part of it. You can take a guy who wears his pants up to his boobies and his hair all to one side, give him a guitar and a new pair of pants and he will be a hero.

For those who want to date one, there’s also the downside, they are every girl’s guy. They are living a life that’s so different, if you don’t appreciate beer stains on you’re shoes, leaving a gig at 4 in the morning, and managing the merch table with groupies everywhere, then just stick to buying the t-shirt and going home.

To sum up, they are like a dream, sweet but a bit lost in their own world, that’s what makes the music. The charm, talent, mystery, and those shaggy/long hairstyles that’s what’s attractive. Enjoy the music, live the story with them and remember they are just people trying to make a living too.

Love x





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