Why are people obsessed with success?


I thought I’d write this article because I see that most people today are only focused on money, the best cars, the newest cellphones, the beautiful apartments and all other materialism.

I have to say that it doesn’t impress me at all. Success is all about perspective, what might be succesful to one person could be insignificant to the other. In this post I’m focused on people who work themselves into a state of anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, only to name a few.

I don’t believe anyone’s here to just pay bills and then life is over. Since when is it considered cool to spend you’re life trying to impress everyone with you’re money? In reality no one cares.

I’m not saying don’t be ambitious, I love ambition, all people need hope. Everyone needs to make a living. But why are people who do not live up to the status quo considered not successful?.

I try to be spiritualy minded more than carnaly minded. I personally just want to live in the moment, experience peace, be content with what I have, instead of more is more… you will never be satisfied if you live a life of trying to always be better than the next, because there might always be someone better. That’s the reality.

We all value different things. I place my happiness in my personal relationships, learning new things. I don’t judge people who want to have it all, I just prefer to not have it all, because when will it be enough. It’s ingraved in our minds that if you don’t live a certain way you are considered an outcast.

Live free, as much as you can 😉




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