The ‘L’ word.


Okay, so this can’t really be described as love lost, except if you’re a huge Dorito fan like me.

I always found it fascinating, love I mean… not just experiencing it but also where it comes from.

Now this blog isn’t all about the scientific explanation, but just a view of it. You know that tingly feeling of a crush, or falling in love and you don’t know if you should listen to you’re emotions or logic. It’s the feeling of euphoria, floating, beauty and connection that lingers.

It’s all dopamine and serotonin, yet it feels more deep than that. There is the 3 month rule, which normally starts with the physical attraction, then chemicals go haywire for about 3 months, after that it settles down and generally returns to normal.

If you’re privileged enough it turns into something more… Should love be embraced no matter the circumstances, or should logic prevail?. Why is it so difficult to try and keep you’re cool?.

No matter if you’re a woman or a man, I guess it gets to us all.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but I think love trancends that. Point is, love will always be an interesting subject, doesn’t matter if you see it as science or a feeling that goes beyond explanation.

I’d like to hear some other perceptions on this subject…

Much love


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